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Phone: 24400330

Stadiou Street 120

 Larnaka City 6020, Cyprus

BEEF TATAKI ( Thin slices of seared beef with a dipping sauce )


100gr of Beef Fillet

1 tablespoon sun flower


2 tablespoons of fresh lemon

2 tablespoons mirin

2 tablespoons soy sauce

Chopped chives

Chopped spring onion 


Have the butcher to cut the fillet into a shape of a small courgette

rub all over seasoning...Rub the oil all over, and heat a non-stick

frying pan...Roll the beef around for two minutes searing & sealing

the beef , take out of the pan and place into a bowl of ice water,

This will firm the beef up for slicing, place the soy,lemon,mirin &

chopped chives into a small dipping bowl, finally sprinkle finely

chopped spring onion over your beef....ready to eat.


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