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Phone: 24400330



We're open 12am - 11.00pm

Mon-Sun Dining in

Takeaway  from 12am - 11.00pm

Stadiou Street 120

 Larnaka City 6020, Cyprus

'Food Art by Gil' 

Gil's award winning Japanese Restaurant in Larnaca strictly an Asian affair to the core.His early years in the UK provided his foundation of his knowledge,but it was the partnership in Nippon restaurant that defined his mission, he embraced

the Cypriot market with the cooking practice of the far east.

He intiated the island's love of sushi and continues to raise the benchmark with ever changing recipes.

Nippon has elevated Larnaca on the restaurant front 

since 2003, it presents unique dishes of Japanese flair, a continuation of his Asian inspired legacy.

With experience in leading a kitchen team and hosting a restaurant, Gil successfully unites exquisite food with ideal settings to suit any occasion.

Available at lunch and in the evening, the menu intends to be ever changing with daily additions to the Chef's repertoire,but the infuence of Oriental Flavours is a firm constant.


Director Louis Demetriou collecting his Time Out Award

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